Sunday, August 29, 2010

Here We Go, Again...

Today marks the beginning of something new...kind of.

I enjoyed a 40 minute walk with running intervals. I enjoyed it once I brought the dogs back home and started over. They couldn't walk together, or separately and Kenzie was startled by every noise, large and small. I brought them back home (lucky we live so close to the bike trail!) and started over. Call it the start of something familiar. :) I haven't seriously exercised since June when we started moving and life got a little more complicated. It was wonderful to be outside in gorgeous 70 degree weather with nothing but my thoughts. I met small defeats, like a shorter endurance and shortness of breath, totally expected. It will get easier!

I figure if I blog about my endeavors to be healthier, exercise more and eat better then I will be more focused! :) I'm considering starting the Couch to 5K. I'd like to complete a marathon eventually and I think starting with a regimented program will help me get back to running. (Not that I don't enjoy a nice nature walk....)

Bring on the challenge!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A New Beginning.

Everyone has to start somewhere, right?
I'm Karen. I'm young, educated and married. I love to cook, exercise and spend time with my family. My life is something else- between a wedding, a new puppy (now we have two!!) and buying our first house in two short months, my dear husband and I are awfully busy. What better place to chronicle our escapades than in my very own blog?

A blog is a powerful tool.

And I intend to use it. :)

Cheers to my first entry as 'Mrs. Mischief' !!