Saturday, February 19, 2011

For Karly

In August, we celebrated my dear friend Karly's bridal shower. Newly married, it was SO EXCITING for me :o) I wanted to give her a special gift. I love making jewelry, all girls love pretty jewelry... it seemed like a natural fit :) Here's the finished product!

Swarovski crystals + sterling findings + freshwater pearls = something blue! I made the links, strands and hooks all from sterling silver wire with a pair of rounded edge pliers.All of my tedious time squinting at tiny intricate patterns was SO WORTH IT. Once my bracelet was finished, Mom couldn't resist trying it on. I was happy to oblige.
Once we were done goofing around, it was time to get down to serious bridal shower business. I love parties. I love wedding parties. Bridal shower? WIN-WIN. Since Karly and Sean's registry included lots of practical necessities (LOVE IT) the three of us (my sister Crystal, my mom & I) decided to make baskets. This way, we incorporated unmentionables (such as a very necessary plunger) into adorable final product! Karly was extra excited when she showed up (probably because it was a SURPRISE!!!!) and I was sincerely touched when she thanked me for her gift. She was BEAMING. So adorable. So ready to get married. YAY. I had to include this photo of Karly. Her bridesmaid, Jen, deserves an award for the incredible ribbon bouquet she made. That darling turned a paper plate and some ribbon into a masterpiece. See?

Cookie sheets, a shower curtain and a plunger? What more could a girl ask for? All in all, it was an amazing day.

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