Tuesday, July 12, 2011


The past few days have been pretty good days! Between both jobs, I saw Bad Teacher which was hilarious, had dinner at On the Border (HELLO GORGEOUS GUACAMOLE THAT THEY MAKE IN FRONT OF YOU!!!) which I had totally planned for calorie-wise :) Best of all, it was an awesome triple date with my friends and their respective fellas!

Lately I've had some frustration in my daily life, and while I cannot pin point the exact cause of said frustration, it has been AMAZING for my exercise habits. Saturday I took my bull terrier pup, Mackenzie, for a modified C25K workout to test out my new heart rate monitor. While she wasn't pleased with the last .5 mile, we completed 2.5 miles in 42 minutes (breaks for pup included :oP) I averaged the calories burned from my gps cardio application with the read from my new Polar FT40 and came out with an awesome 400+ calorie workout. Today my frustration peaked and during my lunch break I ran further and faster than I have ever run before. 3.4 miles in 41 minutes. For someone who has never been a runner, a 12:00 mile feels so goooood! The best part is I'm so much less frustrated than when I left for lunch! :)

To top off my now glowing mood, I returned from lunch and logged into Myfitnesspal (super awesome site I use to track calories!) and someone on my friends list posted this topic:

Big Girls Doing Big Things

Are you a girl with a lot to lose?
Do you get up every day looking forward to working out HARD?
Are you dreaming of a goal, or are you making it happen???
You won’t find us chitchatting at curves or leisurely moving at water aerobics. You will see us jogging, lifting weights, sweating it out at kickboxing, keeping up with the masses.

If you can answer YES! To the above, then I’m looking for you!

Are you a big girl doing big things?

!! Yes I am!! I felt like someone sitting home watching an infomercial. yes, yes Y-E-S! A big thank you to Katie for giving me a pure "feel good" moment this afternoon. You can find Katie's blog about her journey to lose half of her body weight here.

Super awesome day. Super awesome workout. Just what I needed to get amped up before my shift tonight at my waitress job! :o)


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