Monday, July 18, 2011


This past weekend was hubby's one-weekend-off-per-month, and to increase the time we actually spend together, I took Saturday and Sunday off from the restaurant. Two entire, unadulterated days of nothing...sort of.

Saturday, Rocky & I did 3 miles on the bike trail behind our house. It wasn't my best time so far (44 min) but pup was happy, regardless.
Later, I went grocery/new clothes shopping with Mom while hubby & my visiting father in law went for a 10 mile bike ride. You read that right. First, the boys visited WHILE EXERCISING. So proud of them!!! Second, I voluntarily went clothes shopping. My mother, in her infinite wisdom, decided that my "old faithful" jeans I've been sporting since...FOREVER, were hideous. (Hubby agreed, and here's photographic proof)
Unless I belt them where they belong, they're, well...hanging off me. I have to butts in these pants. My own, and the space for the extra one I used to have. Long story short, I'm down TWO jeans sizes, and my extra long "Sweetheart" jeans from Old Navy suit me just fine! We had a lot of fun browsing the clearance.
We had steaks on the grill at Mom's, with fresh asparagus and romaine salads, so gorgeous that I would love to share a photo, but... I ate it before I thought of that. :) I'll get better at this blogging business, I swear!
To add even more to a full day, after dinner hubby, two friends and my father in law set out for night golf, while said friends wife & I had girl time. (Frozen yogurt! YUM!)
Once I actually have a golf game, I'd love to go on one of these night outings. Sports + glow sticks?! I'm in. I've been told I have great form, I just need more patience. Patience? Who me?!? At the end, (midnight!!) one friend spent the night, my father in law had a great time, and both hubby & myself were spent. Bedtime!

Thankfully, Sunday was much more low key. We headed out to the boat after a late breakfast so hubby and our buddy who spent the night could fish. I was happy just to be on the water and curled up with a great read, Plain Truth by Jodi Picoult. It was nice to enjoy the gorgeous weather. When Bob (our house guest) needed to head home, I took Mackenzie out for some exercise. Just after we started on the bike trail, a bicyclist stopped me and asked if our dogs could hang out. For most dog owners, this "puppy play date" exchange may be normal, especially when you exercise on a dog friendly bike trail like we do, but she has a MINIATURE BULL TERRIER. We're talking about a pint size (27lb) version of my baby girl, Mackenzie. My little lady doesn't like running, evidently, and we only did 2.5 miles, but we made a new friend!

Just for comparison sake, this photo shows a standard bully on the left (like my pups) and a mini on the right.image from
I can't wait to meet our new friend Moon. It will be so exciting to expand our gaggle of bull terriers to 4 (our 2 pups plus our friends' 1 pup).
This is a photo from Thanksgiving weekend of my two babies (Rocky in the foreground, with his white side kick Mackenzie, and our furniece Lexi cuddled up in Rocky's crate.)After our run, Mackenzie and I joined Rocky & hubby on the boat for some quiet "family" R&R.
Lucky for us we have a great navigator!
I had an awesome weekend. I made some awesome choices (like two runs, and frozen yogurt @ our favorite ice cream shop).


  1. Sounds like an awesome weekend! I promised my guy we'd go rock climbing this weekend at a local indoor climbing gym. We were supposed to go last weekend, but were far too exhausted. Hopefully this week will be better!

    It's great that you can get your dogs to run that far! My boxer is too ADD. They are really short sprint dogs. A 1-2 mile walk is a pretty exhausting. Bull terriers are so sweet!

  2. awww thanks. I think my pups keep up alright because I'm only a beginning runner, and I'm not sprinting at all. They are definitely spent when we get home, and his tolerance for running is so much higher than hers! She'll actually pout and cry for two days following a run. Poooor baby! :(